Download Festival Madrid 2018 – Running Order

Download Festival Madrid 2018


Download Festival Madrid 2018 : ¡Desvelamos el cartel nacional!

Download Festival Madrid 2018




Rock in Vienna 2017 – Running Order

Rock in Vienna 2017


Macklemore And Ryan Lewis


Graspop Metal Meeting 2017 – Running Order

Graspop Metal Meeting 2017



15 nouveaux noms à l’affiche du Graspop Metal Meeting 2017

Graspop Metal Meeting 2017

Vendredi 16 Juin > Dimanche 18 Juin 2017

Amenra new
Gojira new
Sabaton new
W.A.S.P. new

Graspop Metal Meeting 2017
Graspop Metal Meeting 2016
Graspop Metal Meeting 2015
Graspop Metal Meeting 2014
Graspop Metal Meeting 2013
Graspop Metal Meeting 2012
Graspop Metal Meeting 2011
Graspop Metal Meeting 2010
Graspop Metal Meeting 2009
Graspop Metal Meeting 2008

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Rock In Vienna 2017 : All four Headliner confirmed – Day Ticket available

Rock In Vienna 2017


All four Headliner confirmed – Day Ticket available

The third edition of the urban festival will be 4 days long for the very first time – from June 2nd to 5th – the perfect reason to spend the Pentecost weekend in Vienna!

And one day more also allows a wider range of international artists. So after two successful years with mainly rock & metal, the festival will now also present other genres such as hip-hop, pop or punk.

We are more than happy to announce all four headline: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Kings Of Leon, Deichkind, Die Toten Hosen

And other confirmed bands such as: House Of Pain, Grossstadtgeflüster, In Extremo, Clutch, Donots, Schmutzki, The Living End und Appletree

Friday, 2. June

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
What mostly starts off as a long journey, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis have achieved in less than 8 years – From Underdogs to the superstars. In 2006, the US hip hop duo met on MySpace, two years later their musical collaboration began and in 2009 their first EP appeared. From then on, the band has been fast-growing: Their 2012 album THE HEIST has been awarded with 4 Grammys, and the single releases have blocked the top ranks of the charts worldwide for weeks. THE UNRULY MESS I’VE MADE followed in 2016, 10 years after the beginning of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and lived up to success of THE HEIST.

House Of Pain – 25th anniversary of JUMP AROUND
„Whitey Ford sings the blues“ was the name of Erik Schrody`s successful album before he became EVERLAST. Together with Danny Boy and DJ Lethal, Everlast formed the Hip Hop Group HOUSE OF PAIN, who became an overnight sensation thanks to „Jump Around“.“With all the political discourse in the world, it’s good to simplify things for a moment and just Jump Around.“ A quarter of a century later this statement is as relevant as ever and let`s celebrate a piece of music history together with House Of Pain while Jumping Around at Rock In Vienna.

Starting at the age of 13 years Appletree, a Viennese Rapper has his first freestyle battles and started off with small performances as a support of Busta Rhymes, Dame and others. In Hamburg he worked on his first EP at Samy Deluxe’s studio KunstWerkStadt.The result is the EP “Zwischen Stiernacken und Tiermasken” with beats by DJ Vito, Levon Supreme, Matteo Capreoli and The Titans – and a feature by Samy Deluxe. In spring, Appletree is once again going on tour and you have the chance to see him perform at the Rock In Vienna 2017.

Saturday, 3. June

Kings Of Leon
In October 2016 Kings Of Leon released their seventh studio album “Walls” and scored their first No.1 on Billboard album charts and UK Charts as well as Austria`s Top40. Now they`re getting ready to start touring again and will also headline this year`s Rock In Vienna Festival. We are looking forward to a gigantic live show.

Pop can be profound too and so you should precisely lend your ear to Silbermond. In addition to many well-known and million-times sold melodies, their lyrics can also be very revealing and touching. Their latest work « Mit leichtem Gepäck » was recorded at the famous Blackbird Studio B in Nashville (as well as Kings of Leon’s « Sex on Fire »). Singer Steffi also lends her voice to the cool porcupine « Ash » in the new movie “Sing”. And because everything is going just as well, a show at the RIV also fits.

In 2006, three years after their foundation, their debut album “Muss laut Sein’ was released and the single “Ich muss gar nix”’ became a veritable club hit in Germany and Austria. Their now sold-out shows at trendy clubs are proof enough that this concept and their sound between electro, pop and punk and lyrics between love, sex, and personal freedom delight a close-knit fan base.

After 22 years of band history, the Donots have played more than 1000 concerts and their development and experience is remarkable. Every single concert is packed with pure rock’n’roll, the crowds are dancing, singing along, and celebrating the band all night long. Such an act should definitely not be missed on the Danube Island.

Sunday, 4. June

Since « Bon Voyage » Deichkind are a widely known band that mutated from a regular Hip Hop Band to an absolute party-monster for what they are known today. Their concerts are characterized by artistic chaos and incomparably good mood – simply a lot of riot and racket! A massive spectacle that must be seen to be believed.

In Extremo
For more than 20 years, In Extremo have been playing on various stages, rock and metal festivals as well as medieval pilgrimage sites throughout Europe. Now they are back with their twelfth studio album „Quid Pro Quo“ they scored platin/gold status and No. 1 chart positions. Unfortunatley due to storm warning their concert had to be interrupted at Rock In Vienna in 2016 and this is why we are even more pleased to welcome In Extremo back at the danube Island.

The album « Spackos Forever » by Schmutzki, overflows with energy and joy of playing. At the same time, the album offers a wide range of multi-faceted songs that dare to show feelings or laugh about oneself. Whether as a brute punk rock gang (‘Hey Haters’), groovy Indie guys (‘Spackos Forever ‘), dorky chaotic disco dancers (‘Jesus Schmutzki’), charmingly cynical plebs (‘Sauflied’) or melancholic druggies (‘So durch”) – we are the Schmutzki-mob and look forward to a great live show!


Montag, 5. Juni

Die Toten Hosen
Already confirmed to play at the festival on the Danube Island on the 5th of June () are “Die Toten Hosen”, tickets are already available.
The five guys from Düsseldorf and the city of Vienna have a long and special friendship, so it is not surprising that after many concerts at the Viennese Burgtheater they are going to do themselves the honour of playing on the island for their 35th band anniversary.

They are by far the best live band of the hemisphere, often mentioned together with the biggest German rock bands and they convey a live spirit that hits the roof. With songs such as « DNA », « Make a Wish » and « Gentleman of the Year », their latest and eponymous album « Beatsteaks » lives up to their previous successes. »I do not care as long as you sing »: After a concert of the Beatsteaks no one wants to go home! No, you want to stay, dance and celebrate. We look forward to the full load of punk rock and a gigantic live show at Rock In Vienna 2017.

Marteria In the last three years, Marteria has not only won prizes for Best Live Act and Best Artist, but also received gold with his album « Zum Glück in die Zukunft “ , and « Lila Wolken » even received platinum. Marteria is one of the most successful artists in the German-speaking countries. Look forward to an outstanding live performance at the Rock In Vienna 2017 together with Materia and many more.

Rock, Punk, Bluesrock, Stoner Rock, Post Hardcore, driving guitar reefs, bombastic beats and Neil Fallon`s unique voice are the main characteristics of Clutch. Put a Hammond organ and harmonica on top and you have the ultimative Clutch experience.

The Living End
The smart Australian rockabilly-pop-punkers have once again demonstrated their awesomeness and with their album « Shift » in 2016. The band not only enjoyed success in Europe, but also in the USA and Japan – they have supported bands such as AC/DC or the Rolling Stones, thus gaining an ever-growing fan base.


Day tickets availalbe from now on

Day tickets ranging 59,90€ – 79,90€ available at,, and all known presale stations.

4-Day Festivaltickets 139,90 € for a short period only

This offer is only available until February the 2nd, after this period the price will be 159,90€.
Festival passes are available at ,  and at all known advanced sales locations.

4-Day VIP-Passes: Fast Lane and guaranteed access to Front-Of-Stage area
Fast Lane and guaranteed access to the front-of-stage area
VIP passes are available exclusively at for 349,90€.

They offer fast lane access and guaranteed, but not exclusive, entry into the front-of-stage area throughout the festival period. VIP festival passes do not include a seat or food.

Calendriers de l’avant 2015 : Summer Breeze, Wacken, With Full Force

Comme chaque année, les X-Mas Calendars des festivals nous dévoileront chaque jour quelques groupes jouant en 2016. Voici, mis à jour quotidiennement, la liste des groupes annoncés :

Summer Breeze 2016 (calendrier)
01/12 :  Parkway Drive
02/12 Equilibrium Ohrenfeindt
03/12 Blues Pills Iron Reagan
04/12 Dying Fetus Lord Of The Lost
05/12 Deez Nuts Omnium Gatherum
06/12 Eisbrecher
07/12 Arkona Terror
08/12 Coppelius Unleashed
09/12 Heart Of A Coward Soilwork
10/12 Lost Society Nile
11/12 Moonsorrow Psychopunch
12/12 Stick To Your Guns Rotten Sound
13/12 Testament
14/12 D-A-D Obscura
15/12 DevilDriver Illdisposed
16/12 Agnostic Front Bury Tomorrow Vader Grand Magus Mantar
17/12 Satyricon Thundermother
18/12 Beyond The Black Skalmold
19/12 Fear Factory Toxpack
20/12 : Pain
21/12 Wolfheart Letzte Instanz
22/12 Nasty The Other
23/12 In The Woods Versengold
24/12 Motorhead

Wacken Open Air 2016 (Calendrier)
01/12 : Gripper, Drone, Testament
02/12 Serious Black Tarja
03/12 1349 Myrkur
04/12 Bury Tomorrow Caliban While She Sleeps
05/12 Red Fang The Black Dahlia Murder
06/12 Girlschool Saxon
07/12 Dritte Wahl The Goddamn Gallows Stick To Your Guns John Coffey
08/12 9mm Assi Rock’n’roll Equilibrium Torfrock
09/12 Snowy Shaw Therapy?
10/12 The Haunted Fateful Finality Jesus Chrusler Supercar
11/12 Bon Scott Loudness The Other
12/12 Benediction Bliksem Hamatom
13/12 Marduk Aura Noir Triptykon
14/12 : Eric Fish, Red Hot Chili Pipers, Pampatut, Reliquiae, Freiwaechter, Blechblos’n, Monstagon, Vogelfrey, Krayenzeit, Feuerschwanz, Mr. Hurley & Die Pulveraffen, Dorfrocker, Versengold, Bembers, Bodh’aktan
15/12 King Dude Tsjuder
16/12 Sebastien Gloryhammer Elvenking
17/12 Immolation Vader Sector Sub Dub Micromachine
18/12 Eat The Turnbuckle Ektomorf Tuxedoo
19/12 Serum 114 Kampfar Insidious Disease
20/12 Blue Oyster Cult Metal Church
21/12 Clutch The Vintage Caravan Year Of The Goat The Beards
22/12 DevilDriver, Deez Nuts Watch Out Stampede Nasty
23/12 Symphony X Lamb Of God Panzerballett Monuments
24/12 Twisted Sister Whitesnake Motorhead

With Full Force 2016 (calendrier)
01/12 : possibilité de gagner un dîner pour deux
02/12 : possibilité de gagner une visite des coulisses
03/12 : possibilité de choisir 30 minutes comme DJ au Metal Hammer warmup
04/12 : possibilité de voir un concert en MainStage depuis les bancons
05/12 : possibilité un gagner un « Currywurst à volonté »
06/12 : possibilité de gagner un « Meet & Greet » avec  Ektomorf
07/12 : possibilité de gagner l’annonce du premier groupe à Hardbowl
08/12 : possibilité de gagner une baguette dédicacée de We Butter The Bread With Butter
09/12 : possibilité de gagner une séance photo sur la scène principale, en face de la masse qui fait rage
10/12 : possibilité de gagner 2 caisses de bière à boire avec l’équipe de Metal Hammer
11/12 : possibilité de gagner un voyage aller-retour avec la sécurité sur l’ensemble du site
12/12 : possibilité de gagner un « Meet & Greet » avec The Browning
13/12 : possibilité de faire un report du WFF pour Metal Hammer
14/12 : possibilité de gagner un accès gratuit à la douche pour le weekend
15/12 : possibilité de gagner un tableau de remerciement de la MainStage du WFF
16/12 : possibilité de gagner un dîner pour deux dans un restaurant bohème
17/12 : possibilité de gagner 10 bières
18/12 : possibilité de gagner un « Meet & Greet » avec Beyond The Black
19/12 : possibilité de gagner le concert de votre choix sur la Hardbowl Stage
20/12 : possibilité de gagner 100€ en merchandising de festival
21/12 : possibilité de gagner 5 t-shirts WFF
22/12 : possibilité de gagner un voyage en navette du festival au supermarché le plus proche
23/12 : possibilité de gagner un « Meet & Greet » avec Stock To Your Guns
24/12 : possibilité de gagner un upgrade VIP pour 4 personnes

Clutch & Mastodon Tour 2015

Clutch +  Mastodon


16/04/2015 Clutch & Mastodon Tour 2015 @ St. Paul, Myth
17/04/2015 Clutch & Mastodon Tour 2015 @ Winnipeg, Burton Cummings Theater
18/04/2015 Clutch & Mastodon Tour 2015 @ Saskatoon, O’Brians
19/04/2015 Clutch & Mastodon Tour 2015 @ Edmonton, Expo Centre
21/04/2015 Clutch & Mastodon Tour 2015 @ Calgary, MacEwan Hall Ballroom
23/04/2015 Clutch & Mastodon Tour 2015 @ Vancouver, Commodore Ballroom
24/04/2015 Clutch & Mastodon Tour 2015 @ Vancouver, Commodore Ballroom
25/04/2015 Clutch & Mastodon Tour 2015 @ Portland, Roseland Theater
26/04/2015 Clutch & Mastodon Tour 2015 @ Seattle, Showbox SODO
28/04/2015 Clutch & Mastodon Tour 2015 @ Oakland, The Fox Theater
29/04/2015 Clutch & Mastodon Tour 2015 @ Los Angeles, Palladium
30/04/2015 Clutch & Mastodon Tour 2015 @ Tempe, Marquee Theater


01/05/2015 Clutch & Mastodon Tour 2015 @ Las Vegas, House of Blues
02/05/2015 Clutch & Mastodon Tour 2015 @ Salt Lake City, The Complex
03/05/2015 Clutch & Mastodon Tour 2015 @ Denver, Red Rocks
05/05/2015 Clutch & Mastodon Tour 2015 @ San Antonio, 210 Kapone’s Ballroom
06/05/2015 Clutch & Mastodon Tour 2015 @ Oklahoma City, Diamond Ballroom
09/05/2015 Clutch & Mastodon Tour 2015 @ Raleigh, Lincoln Theatre Street Stage
10/05/2015 Clutch & Mastodon Tour 2015 @ Pittsburgh, Stage AE
12/05/2015 Clutch & Mastodon Tour 2015 @ Des Moines, 7 Flags
13/05/2015 Clutch & Mastodon Tour 2015 @ Milwaukee, Eagles Ballroom Club Stage
15/05/2015 Clutch & Mastodon Tour 2015 @ Bethlehem, Sands Event Center
16/05/2015 Clutch & Mastodon Tour 2015 @ Baltimore, Pier Six Pavilion
17/05/2015 Clutch & Mastodon Tour 2015 @ Boston, House of Blues
19/05/2015 Clutch & Mastodon Tour 2015 @ New York, Summerstage, Central Park
20/05/2015 Clutch & Mastodon Tour 2015 @ Niagara Falls, Rapids Theater
21/05/2015 Clutch & Mastodon Tour 2015 @ London, London Music Hall
24/05/2015 Clutch & Mastodon Tour 2015 @ Columbus, LC Pavilion

Clutch & Mastodon Tour 2015

Parkway Drive & Sylosis @ Fortarock 2015

Parkway Drive & Sylosis rejoignent l’affiche du Fortarock 2015. Le festival aura lieu le 6 juin 2015 au Goffertpark (Nijmegen, Pays Bas). Voici l’affiche actuelle :


Fortarock 2015

Pays-Bas 06/06/2015 Fortarock 2015
Pays-Bas 31/05/2014 Fortarock 2014
Pays-Bas 01/06/2013 FortaRock XL 2013
Pays-Bas 02/06/2012 FortaRock fest 2012
Pays-Bas 02/07/2011 FortaRock fest 2011
Pays-Bas 03/07/2010 FortaRock fest 2010
Pays-Bas 11/07/2009 FortaRock Festival 2009

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19 nouveaux groupes pour le Download Festival 2015

Le Royaume Uni Download Festival 2015 a annoncé 19 nouveaux groupes lors d’une émission radio. Voici l’affiche actuelle :

Clutch new
Godsmack new
H.e.a.t. new
Madball new
Northlane new

Download Festival 2015

Royaume Uni 12/06/2015 Download Festival 2015
Royaume Uni 13/06/2014 Download Festival 2014
Royaume Uni 14/06/2013 Download Festival 2013
Royaume Uni 08/06/2012 Download Festival 2012
Royaume Uni 10/06/2011 Download Festival 2011
Royaume Uni 11/06/2010 Download Festival 2010
Royaume Uni 12/06/2009 Download Festival 2009
Royaume Uni 13/06/2008 Download Festival 2008
Royaume Uni 08/06/2007 Download Festival 2007
Royaume Uni 09/06/2006 Download Festival 2006

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Fortarock 2015 : + Lamb of God + Clutch + King 810

3 nouveaux groupes pour l’affiche du Pays-Bas Fortarock 2015 : Lamb Of God, Clutch King 810

Le festival aura lieu le samedi 6 juin 2015, au Goffertpark (Nijmegen). Les préventes sont à 67.50€ jusqu’au 12 janvier (ou épuisement des stocks), et passeront ensuite à 75€.

Voici la programmation actuelle :

Fortarock 2015

Affiche complète pour le Copenhell 2014 ! Iron Maiden + Twisted Sister + Megadeth + Anthrax + Within Temptation + Bad Religion + Clutch + Sepultura + …

L’affiche du Danemark Copenhell 2014  est maintenant complète ! Pour rappel, le festival aura lieu du 11 au 13 juin 2014, à Copenhague, Danemark. Voici l’affiche :

 Arch Enemy
 Bad Religion
 Black Book Lodge
 Black Label Society
 Blood Eagle
 Dawn Of Demise
 I Am Fire
 Iron Maiden
 Kill Devil Hill
 Lynch Mob
 Monster Magnet
 My Dying Bride
 Of Mice & Men
 Redwood Hill
 Suicide Silence
 The Hell
 The Psyke Project
 Thy Art Is Murder
 Toxic Holocaust
 Trap Them
 Twisted Sister
 Within Temptation

Copenhell 2014


Danemark 11/06/2014 Copenhell 2014
Danemark 14/06/2013 Copenhell 2013
Danemark 15/06/2012 Copenhell 2012
Danemark 17/06/2011 Copenhell 2011
Danemark 11/06/2010 Copenhell 2010

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Clutch European Summer 2014



 22/04/2014 Clutch European Tour 2014 @ Newcastle, O2 Academy
 23/04/2014 Clutch European Tour 2014 @ Leeds, Metropolitian
 24/04/2014 Clutch European Tour 2014 @ Manchester, Academy
 25/04/2014 Desertfest 2014 @ Berlin, Astra
 29/04/2014 Clutch European Tour 2014 @ Birmingham, O2 Academy
 30/04/2014 Clutch European Tour 2014 @ Brighton, Concorde 2


 01/05/2014 Clutch European Tour 2014 @ London, The Forum
 02/05/2014 Temples Festival 2014 @ Bristol, Moton
 03/05/2014 Clutch European Tour 2014 @ Nottingham, Rock City
 06/05/2014 Clutch European Tour 2014 @ Edinburgh, The Liquid Room
 07/05/2014 Clutch European Tour 2014 @ Glasgow, O2 ABC
 08/05/2014 Clutch European Tour 2014 @ Belfast, The Limelight
 09/05/2014 Clutch European Tour 2014 @ Dublin, The Academy Dublin


 08/06/2014 Clutch European Summer 2014 @ Wien / Vienna, Arena
 09/06/2014 Clutch European Summer 2014 @ München, Backstage
 11/06/2014 Clutch European Summer 2014 @ Hamburg, Gruenspan
 12/06/2014 Greenfield Festival 2014 @ Interlaken
 12/06/2014 Copenhell 2014 @ Refshalevej
 13/06/2014 Clutch European Summer 2014 @ Köln, Essigfabrik
 15/06/2014 Clutch European Summer 2014 @ Stuttgart, LKA Longhorn
 17/06/2014 Clutch European Summer 2014 @ Haarlem, Patronaat
 19/06/2014 Clutch European Summer 2014 @ Frankfurt, Batschkapp
 20/06/2014 Clutch European Summer 2014 @ Paris, Nouveau Casino
 20/06/2014 Hellfest 2014 @ Clisson
 24/06/2014 Clutch European Summer 2014 @ Athens, Fuzz Club
 25/06/2014 Clutch European Summer 2014 @ Thessaloniki, Fix Factory of Sound

Clutch European Summer 2014

15 nouveaux groupes pour le Greenfield Festival 2014 !

15 groupes s’ajoutent à l’affiche du Greenfield Festival 2014 :

 Chuck Ragan
 You Me At Six
 The Used
 Dave Hause

Voici la liste de tous les groupes déjà dévoilés pour cette édition 2014 :

 Apologies I Have None
 Breakdown Of Sanity
 Bring Me The Horizon
 Chuck Ragan
 Dave Hause
 Dropkick Murphys
 Gogol Bordello
 In Extremo
 In Flames
 Iron Maiden
 Jennifer Rostock
 Linkin Park
 Memphis May Fire
 Miss May I
 Panteon Rococo
 Phil Anselmo & The Illegals
 The Used
 We Came As Romans
 You Me At Six

Greenfield Festival 2014

Suisse 12/06/2014 Greenfield Festival 2014
Suisse 13/06/2013 Greenfield Festival 2013
Suisse 15/06/2012 Greenfield Festival 2012
Suisse 09/06/2011 Greenfield Festival 2011
Suisse 11/06/2010 Greenfield Festival 2010
Suisse 12/06/2009 Greenfield Festival 2009
Suisse 13/06/2008 Greenfield Festival 2008
Suisse 15/06/2007 Greenfield Festival 2007
Suisse 16/06/2006 Greenfield Festival 2006
Suisse 24/06/2005 Greenfield Festival 2005

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Nouvelle annonce du Copenhell 2014

6 groupes rejoignent l’affiche du Copenhell 2014 :

 Monster Magnet
 Bad Religion
 Redwood Hill


Voici tous les groupes déjà annoncés :

 Arch Enemy
 Bad Religion
 Blood Eagle
 Iron Maiden
 Monster Magnet
 My Dying Bride
 Of Mice & Men
 Redwood Hill
 Suicide Silence
 The Hell
 Thy Art Is Murder
 Within Temptation

Copenhell 2014


Danemark 12/06/2014 Copenhell 2014
Danemark 14/06/2013 Copenhell 2013
Danemark 15/06/2012 Copenhell 2012
Danemark 17/06/2011 Copenhell 2011
Danemark 11/06/2010 Copenhell 2010

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